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Asian brides: where can you meet them?

Asian mail order brides are the ladies collectively from all Asian countries, which are nearly 50 (48 or 49, depending on how one calculates). That makes Asia the biggest part of the world in the population (4.5 billion), territory (44.6 million square kilometers), and the number of spoken languages (over 3,000). Asia is actually nearly the entire Eurasia (only the EU is out of Asia) and a small part of Africa. With that huge vastness of Asia spanning on our planet, it is definitely not hard to find an Asian woman – neither online nor offline. Surely, if you can’t go there in person (which most Western men can’t), the only viable option you have is to seek a wife on the Internet. And in today’s article, we are considering not only the traits of Asian women but also wonderful dating websites, which are going to be to your liking if your goal is to find Asian women.

Why Asian women are so desired by men of the West?

Nobody can deny that Asian brides are different from Western women in nearly everything – appearance, slimness, humbleness, sticking to family traditions, and the desire to have children. Every pretty Asian girl preserves her prettiness on a daily basis because if she won’t – then she is going to lose the competition for the attention of guys. Western women, on the contrary, are rarely groomed and taken care of, because they consider that appearance is not the most important. While it can be true in their minds, men love with eyes and don’t want to be with some beast by their side. That’s why they increasingly more choose beautiful Asian girls to become their wives, as they are assured that thanks to Asian singles, they are going to be surrounded by beauty till their old days. But the visual appearance is far not everything that Asian ladies offer. They are much more than that, so let’s consider some exciting facts about hot Asian women and countries they live in.

What do you know about Asian brides? Let’s consider interesting facts about them

Some countries of Asia are relatively young while others have thousands of years of history. Surely, each country has own things but there are also a lot of differences. Generalizing, we can say about some facts and traditions, which are common nearly for every Asian – and girls, specifically. 

Facts about Asian traditions

  1. Taking shoes off in a house is a practice that common for all Asians (by the way, Russia is also Asia in the case if you didn’t know – and every Russian will, too, ask you to de-shoe your feet while entering the living area). So keep your feet fresh and wear socks (preferably, without holes in them 🙂
  2. Chopsticks are just something that Asian people are taught before even speak. Also – you would be amazed by how convenient it is to eat chips using chopsticks – as in that way, the grease and dust from chips aren’t getting on your fingers.
  3. Asians are proficient in many areas of life because their parents program their lives, striving to success. More in Japan and South Korea and much less in India or Bangladesh, though. 
  4. Refusing to eat what parents of a girl made for you is an insult. Eating it, on another hand, is a way to make them feel you like a suitable husband.
  5. And yes – they will not think of you as a suitor on the first meeting as a girl shows you to them because, believe it not, arranged marriages are still extremely powerful everywhere in the world except wealthy countries (of the West – like the US, Canada, the EU, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand).

Facts about nearly any Asian wife

  1. Femininity is not feminism and single Asian women understand it like no other western woman. They have to look and be irresistible, conveying their own sexuality through apparel, accessories, and smells. They are also groomed all the time to underline their feminine attractiveness. Unlike western women who say that feminism is their lodestar on the way how they build relations with men, Asians are about femininity, not feminism. They will cater to your man’s eye and heart, not struggling with you as western women wrongly do. That’s why Asian women are more respected by western men, not despised.
  2. It is extremely important for your Asian wife to know how to please you in bed. Unlike western cultures, which consider that it is a man who supposes to pay the greatest attention to how to please a woman in the bedroom, Asians take a completely another position. Every Asian lady considers that it is a woman’s task to make a man happy in sex and it is the main reason why a man is with an Asian bride in the first place. So they will go to learning classes to know aspects of sex, study things by watching porn and will apply all efforts to please you in the bedroom. This is the biggest advantage why Asian wives are so popular in the world of western men.
  3. It is a land of the biggest part of the world’s tallest mountains, with 14 of them being over 8,000 meters high. So no wonder that a large part of the interest of your future Asian woman can be connected with mountains. She can be even engaged with the business for the organization of the tours for climbers.
  4. The high economic advancement of some countries in Asia makes their population be even more advanced in electronics and other areas of life than westerners. For instance, in Japan, the literacy level amongst the younger generation is 100%, which are several points bigger than in the US and the EU. In Hong Kong, there is the world’s biggest density of mobile phones on 1 person (2.4 devices).

Exciting facts about Asian countries

  • Asia is the most populated place in the world (with Macao, Singapore, and Hong Kong being the densest populated areas of the world, only being surpassed by Monaco, in Europe) – with over 5,000 people on 1 sq. km. On the contrary, Greenland is the least populated territory, with 0.14 humans per 1 sq. km. Pakistan (in Asia), which many people somehow consider the most densely populated area, holds only 50th position with 280 people per 1 sq. km.
  • Asia is also the world’s biggest pollutant of the planet with plastic – it flows out of 8 rivers in Asia, which together bring 80% of plastic into the waters of oceans.
  • While America prefers white chicken meat, Asians love more dark chicken meat (which is legs, interiors, and wings). So many chicken farms located on both sides split chicken and send the corresponding meat to where it is cherished the most. The US exports dark meat, while Asia exports white meat of chicken.
  • In Japan, it is illegal to get fat. Omitting all the intricate details on how do they define the notion ‘fat’ and measure people, it’s a simple answer to the question of why all Japanese are so amazingly slim.
  • China is considered a locomotive of all Asian countries today, with a thriving economy, which has already surpassed every other economy in the world. It will lead many other Asian countries to success during the upcoming decades and maybe – even a century. Along with that, the international roles of the EU and the US will inevitably decline. China already has a bigger amount of dollar billionaires than America. And most part of the most densely populated cities in the world is in China, with Bangkok being the most visited city in the world, as the largest transport hub.
  • It is home for the world’s biggest empire ever created by people – Genghis Khan (1162-1227) who originated from Mongolia created it  – and it lasted in this or that form over 5 centuries, spanning from China to Poland from East to West and from Russia to India from North to South at the peak, reaching 24 million square kilometers. And it is believed that 350 million men are today the direct descendants of Genghis Khan – which is roughly 5% of the entire planet’s population. This is even more people who were under his direct reign (and the reign of his direct sons) during the time as his Khanate was established and widened, even in the peak point of its might. That is, 8% of all Asian populations are Mongols. 
  • In Southeast Asia, there is a peculiar snake known as ‘flying snake’ – it can glide air for 100 meters – longer than any other gliding animal on the planet. Needless to say that you should not go to jungles on your own, without a good guide. 
  • Asia is one of the most advancing regions of the planet in terms of economy. It is estimated that only 30 years ago, in 1990, 60% of all Asian population lived in poverty. Now, this indicator dropped to an amazing 3.5%. It’s breathtaking that it took only 1.5 generations to repair the situation, mostly because of the improvement of the way of life outside Russia and ex-USSR block. Whilst the countries from the ‘red’ block have significantly deteriorated their position, with most of it happening in Russia, where for this period, the number of people in poverty grew.
  • Oranges appeared in China originally and then, they spread to other parts of the world, where they grow now even in better conditions sometimes than they were growing originally.
  • Toilet paper was invented for Chinese emperors in the 14th century. A funny fact – the USSR did not have a factory production of toilet paper until the 1960s (and it was not popular in the USSR until the late 1970s). ‘Red’ people were doomed to use all sorts of paper for wiping – most common, newspapers, which was one of the best incentives to buy them (not for reading) or to ask for unsold ones in newspaper booths.
  • Fortune cookies are not Chinese – they were invented in the 1920s in San Francisco.
  • Soccer is believed to originate in China – together with gunpowder, printing press, compass, flying kite, the machine for detecting earthquakes, parachute, paper, ice cream, noodles, mechanical clock, waterwheel, and iron plough. In Russian, the word “плуг” even comes from English ‘plough’, together with thousands of words taken from other languages of the world, mainly, from English, Latin, German, French, Mongolian & Tatar. Without those languages, there would be no Russian language, which is considered an offspring of Asian languages.
  • Despite ping-pong is one of the favorite games in China and the world’s greatest players come from China, it was invented in Great Britain and was called ‘a table tennis’ – and was mainly an entertainment for the higher society, for men and women.
  • In China, the blood circulation in the body was discovered 15 centuries earlier than it was in Europe. Also, 23 centuries before drilling holes to find natural gas was invented in the Western culture, people in China did it to get warm (by inflaming it and using it as a torch until it burns out). Chinese were also the first who invented that chopping food into smaller parts will make it cook faster – which would preserve the natural resources to cook food – an issue of especial relevance as the Chinese population grew. As they needed to take this food somehow without the use of hands (to preserve them clean), they’ve invented chopsticks. Today, more than 20 million trees are cut to produce disposable chopsticks for the entire nation.
  • Tea is considered by Chinese people as a necessity for life. They will consider it very rude is some foreigner doesn’t drink tea during the eating. Also, tea was invented in China. 

Consider more advantages of Asian women

  • An Asian mail order bride hate when you wrinkle your nose on anything that they eat – even up to the point of saying ‘bye’ to you if you do. But the food there is something devastating, at times. For instance, many Asians eat insects – and they are a perfect protein supplement to nutrition. In many countries, they are considered delicacies. But don’t think they are something awful – in most cases, they are crunchy and taste like herbs added to hot oil, in which they are cooked. Also, be prepared that a lot of rice is consumed by your Asian girl – as Asians consume more than 90% of the entire world’s rice.
  • It is unnatural for Asians to have any other color of hair but dark. And they lose them a lot – so don’t be irritated to find knots of dark hair everywhere in your house. But what’s cool about hair on an Asian girl – she probably doesn’t have any of it on her body (except for the head). That makes the necessity of shaving her legs or intimate zones much lesser.
  • When they get angry or frustrated, they can enact their arms and hands to you if you going to mess up with them during this time. So receiving a slap in the face from an Asian girl is easy if you won’t leave her alone for this time.
  • ‘Have you eaten?’ is the most widespread greeting in Asia (if to exclude the English-mannered ‘Hello’, which is commonly used with foreigners). It shows how welcoming Asian people and women, in particular, are.

Facts about Asian beauty

  • Everyone in Asia pays amazing attention to the beauty of their daughters – if they are beautiful or, at least, anyhow pretty (otherwise, they don’t). So, the attention to appearance is high – and it will be always pressing at her heavily, so she must stay beautiful till the end of her days (or, at least, till the old age, when it will not matter anymore).
  • She is smarter on average than the rest of the world (but only if she is from one of the economically advanced countries of Asia, which are a few). IQ in Asians is bigger than in Americans and Europeans. That is the surest reason to meet Asian bride and make her your wife if you are a smart guy, too, and want your kids to be that as well.
  • The lighter skin is considered beautiful. So all Asian women try to stay away from the sun and they bleach their skin using cosmetic remedies. You are unlikely to find an Asian girl having a sunbath. For men, it does not matter that much.
  • If your Asian bride meets you in red or wears it with frequency, it means that she wants to be beautiful, as red symbolizes the beauty in Chinese culture.

Why Asian ladies have a desire to leave their native country?

The most part of economically advanced countries of Asia forms an oppressive society – as people living in it are expected to show high results. While it is the biggest factor in their economic development, many regular people find it tough to live like that. They migrate to other countries, not for the sake of better self-realization on work or in business but because they want to escape their too oppressive society in the country. Certainly, what is considered for them loosening is actually a tenser way of work for an average westerner – and even working not that hard as in their homeland, they achieve bigger results compared to westerners. 

In terms of running house chores, pretty Asian girls make it better than wives of the West, which is alluring to you.

What goodness Asian wives can bring to a husband from the West?

  • They adore the hotness of food and nothing ever seems spicy enough for them. A lot of Asian girls even have an emergency Tabasco sauce bottle in their purses if some food isn’t spicy even though they’ve specifically asked in a cafe or restaurant to make it spicier.
  • Lactose intolerance is a real thing. Many Asians are so – and so, when you are in Asia, finding unprocessed milk in the supermarket is a heavy task. The same goes for alcohol – more than 50% of Asians don’t have a special enzyme in their bodies, which would make alcohol digest. 
  • She is so obsessed about health – and if someone gets ill or sick, all powers and efforts will be put to make one cured.
  • Despite the love for spicy food, Asians are about healthier eating in general than westerners – that’s why they live longer. In Japan, for instance, the average life expectancy is 84 years, which is 3 years more than in the US. It is not uncommon to see a healthy 100-year Japanese, whilst in America, it is a true rarity.

Considering the best websites where it is possible to find an Asian mail order bride

Now it is time to look at the best dating sites and what they deliver to their users.

The list of best Asian dating sites


We’ve grouped the websites into a very short list because there are not too many websites over there, which deserve your attention. We’ve looked through nearly a hundred and have realized that the biggest half of them is a scam – either from users (with the allowance of administration) or from the administration. Others on the list were not good in terms of the number of registered users, the way people respond to one another on these sites (too low response rate, which doesn’t even worth wasting your time on them), and openness of the administration towards users. Finally, we have shortlisted the ones that you see above – for the number of significant advantages. Let’s consider them:

  1. Response rate. On any website that you see on the list, receiving responses from Asian girls for marriage is not a problem – from 83% to 93% will eventually answer you (in some observable but the real time). In calculating this indicator, all kinds of communication on the site are taken into account: textual and video chats, letters, and other means.
  2. The number of people online. The more of them are there, obviously, the bigger are your chances to find an Asian bride, to speak to somebody faster, without the need to wait when this person is going to be online. On every site that we consider, there are from several hundred to several thousand women online at any given time (at business hours, there are more of them). 
  3. High user feedback. There are tens of thousands of users who estimate the websites from many angles (like the convenience of usage, kindness, and richness of the interface, ease of interaction of people among each other, and other factors, even up to the simplicity of FAQ and how much real Asian brides there are real for sure). Eventually, their marks form the end mark – and for all the websites on the list, the user rating estimation is high, from 8.2 to 9.1 stars. Just to make it clear – we’ve seen so many other websites, which were bearing estimation of users equal to 1 or 2 stars on the 10-point scale. All those sites were scams – either financially or from the point of view of stealing user data (or both).

Now, as you see what responsible dating online means, you should avoid other sites with allegedly an opportunity to meet Asian girl online, which are not represented on our list. We will include into this list some other reliable sites, over time. Until that point in time, try using them to search for an ideal match, your Asian dating woman.